School Initiatives

Brightwood Development Corporation (BDC) developed the Farm and School Program that consists of an action plan based on each school’s needs, strengths and weaknesses in order to define the activities to be held at the schools.  The selected public schools come from our service area, and already have implemented some agricultural initiatives. With the development of educational activities and workshops, BDC is able to encourage the consumption of healthy foods and the commitment of living a healthier lifestyle. The Farm and School Program mission is to develop an attitude in children toward living in balance with nature and the ecosystem while contributing to its well-being. To accomplish the balance with nature BDC aims to improve life conditions of children by establishing the development of school gardens while strengthening agricultural initiatives in participating schools, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables while reducing meat, fat and sugar intake, and also increase local food consumption in School’s Cafeterias and provide knowledge, develop skills, change attitudes and adopt practices that allow children to develop themselves to their maximum potential.


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