Brightwood Development Corporation (BDC) works to improve small business, affordable and low-income housing and minority employment. Since 2010, BDC has been active in western Puerto Rico through our first project, the Western Food and Agro Processing Center (FAPC), located in Mayaguez. Brightwood Development Corporation has implemented various projects in Puerto Rico, with the objective of production expansion, distribution and accessibility of affordable and fresh healthy foods, as an affiliated corporation of Partners for Community.
Through the start-up and growth of profitable business operations we aim to create sustainable full-time employment for low-income individuals, and provide measurable contributions to local community revitalization. BDC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works in partnership with local farmers, and community-based businesses and organizations to promote and improve the adoption of healthy lifestyles in low-income communities.
BDC’s general areas of service in Puerto Rico include: expanding the production and supply of affordable and fresh locally produced healthy foods, small businesses capacity building and technical assistance, with emphasis in ownership by low income individuals and the distribution of locally produced healthy products.

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